Fishman unveils Keith Merrow Custom Series pickups

A modified Open Core Classic pickup on the bridge with fresh voicings helps to deliver all the tones a modern guitarist needs.

Fishman has just introduced the Fluence Custom Keith Merrow pickup set, which comprises two Fluence Open Core Classic humbuckers: one neck and one bridge unit. The neck pickup is stock, but the bridge humbucker has been adjusted to suit the metal guitarist’s preference for a passive setup.

While the neck pickup features three voices (Vintage PAF, Airy Chime and Vintage Single-coil), the bridge humbucker changes up the first two voices. In place of Vintage PAF, this pickup has a more modern voicing, which delivers hard-hitting, gritty tones when low notes are plucked. The Airy Chime voicing has also been swapped out for a PAF-inspired, low-output pup that produces that “vintage brown sound,” according to Fishman.

The Fluence Custom Keith Merrow set is available in six-, seven- and eight-string formats, and will also come installed on all Keith Merrow Schecter signature guitars.

Watch the demo video below for more:

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