Free The Tone rolls out the Direct Volume DVL-1H

Featuring a unique Full-Rotation Belt-Drive System.

Boutique pedal manufacturers Free The Tone has unveiled their latest offering – the Direct Volume DVL-1H.

The DVL-1H is a volume pedal that features a unique Full-Rotation Belt-Drive system, which adopts a gear and belt mechanism to drive the variable resistor linearly.  As opposed to the usual string-based operation, the gear-belt set-up links the pedal’s operation directly to volume change.

Free The Tone Direct Volume DVL-1H.
Image: Free The Tone


The Full-Rotation Belt-Drive system allows the user to employ the full range of the variable resistor’s rotation in changing volume, while simultaneously preventing a decrease in volume upon connection. The belt is also reinforced with wires to prevent elongation/loosening or breakage that comes as the result of wear and tear.

Free The Tone has also announced that it will be releasing a low-impedance version of the Direct Volume – the DVL-1L – at a later, but unannounced, date.

The Free The Tone DVL-1H will be available after 20 January for $360. For more information, click here.