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Fulltone launches new analog tremolo pedal

Fulltone launches new analog tremolo pedal

Since its debut in 1996, Fulltone’s Supa-Trem1 has made (sine) waves with its simplicity and lush, amp-like tones. A few decades later, and the brand has launched an upgraded version of the tremolo pedal: the Supa-Trem Jr.

The stompbox is far smaller, measuring 3.9 inches wide and four inches deep, and packs a few features not found in the earlier version.

It now has a switch to toggle between square, sine and ‘warble’ waveforms, and, interestingly, is capable of a wide range of speeds. Fulltone says the Supa-Trem Jr can go “so slow that a full cycle takes around ten seconds” or as fast as 220 bpm. This version also has a tap tempo footswitch to quickly dial in the tremolo’s rate.

The heart of the Supa-Trem Jr is identical to its predecessor: an analog JFET preamp and Opto-1 photocell. Both pedals share the same “Rate,” “Mix” and “Volume” knobs, and can offer up to 15 dB of clean boost with the “Mix” knob set to zero.

The Supa-Trem Jr will launch in August. More information at fulltone.com.