Fuzzrocious releases the Heliotropic

It’s the brand’s take on Failure’s heavy fuzz bass tone.

Fuzzrocious Heliotropic

Fuzzrocious has introduced the Heliotropic, a fuzz box that’s designed to reproduce the crushing tones heard on the bassline of Failure’s Heliotropic and Another Space Song.

The Heliotropic serves up a vortex of fuzz that mirrors the ‘90s outfit’s heavy, grungy sound. You can further tweak the controls to “dial in clanky, dirty and super doomy tones”, according to Fuzzrocious.

Control-wise, the pedal sports a simple four-knob layout, which is detailed below:

  • Pregain:
    • Drives the internal second stage circuit
    • Roll it clockwise for a harder drive
  • Sustain:
    • Roll it clockwise for an increased fuzzy/sustained quality
  • Volume:
    • Governs the pedal’s output
  • Tone:
    • Roll it fully anti-clockwise for a clanky, trebly tone
    • Roll it fully clockwise for a doomy, muddy, bassy tone

While the Heliotropic was built with bassists in mind, Fuzzrocious claims it works well with guitars, too. Check out the brand’s demos below.

Bass demo:

Guitar demo:

Retails at $210. More information at fuzzrociouspedals.com.


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