A 1969 Gibson Firebird III once owned by Jimmy Page is up for sale

It was also owned by John Bonham after he won it from Page in a game of Spoof.

A 1969 Gibson Firebird III that was once owned by Jimmy Page, has gone up for sale.

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According to ATB Guitars who are selling the guitar, the guitar was bought from Mike Ladd’s Guitar City in Memphis TN along with a purple Les Paul. It was then modified with Jaguar style pickup switching, painted black, replaced pickguard and has the ‘Custom Made’ plaque on the body.

It was then owned by drummer John Bonham who won it off of Page in a game of Spoof.

Bonham then gave the guitar to his business partner in 1978, who then held on to it for 45 years before giving it to ATB Guitars to sell.

The guitar itself dons a mahogany neck and body, with a rosewood fingerboard. The pickups are P-90 which are original, as well as original chrome hardware.

ATB Guitar say that no repairs or breaks can be detected, although it has been refinished in black, meaning it could be hiding something.

The guitar, which is selling for just over £60,000 also comes with a non original period case and strap.

This is not the first thing of Jimmy Page that has entered into the public domain, as earlier last month a haunted manor owned by Page was opened to tourists.

“The bad vibes were already there,” Page told Rolling Stone in 1975. “A man was beheaded there and sometimes you can hear his head rolling down…Of course, after Crowley there have been suicides, people carted off to mental hospitals.”

Page sold the house in 1992, before it burnt down in 2015, and again in 2019. Since then, the foundation took ownership and began renovations on the property.

For more information about the Gibson Firebird III, you can head to ATBGuitars.com.

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