Add a bass signal to your guitar with the A Little Thunder Version 2 pickup

With ‘low note priority’ and smart octave switching to keep your signal from getting muddy.

A Little Thunder

Image: A Little Thunder

There’s a whole host octave-down pedals to add a lower octave to your signal, such as Digitech‘s Whammy Ricochet or the OPFX Dig Deep. but A Little Thunder’s humbucker, now updated to version 2, aims to achieve something much harder to do with a stompbox. The active humbucker has an onboard effects unit that offers various sub-octave options, and, as it’s a pickup, it can apply them only to the lowest strings. Take a look at A Little Thunder’s demonstration video below:

The pickup can drop the lower one, two or three strings down to two octaves below pitch, and also has the option to combine one- and two-octave down-tuning modes, pitching anything above a B down 2 octaves, and anything lower down only one – ensuring that the signal doesn’t get flabby and unmanageable. Some LED lights on the pickup itself will tell you what mode you’re in.

The pickup’s active operation is powered by a USB-charged battery, which reportedly only requires charging after 16 hours of playtime. The actual PAF-voiced humbucker inside is passive, however.

The pickup comes with support for Bluetooth, which right now isn’t active. However, A Little Thunder says that 2020 will see an update to the pickup’s firmware, allowing for access to a sound library using this Bluetooth functionality.

The pickup is available now, listing for $299. Find out more over at


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