Gear is the Mind Killer: Acorn Amps releases Dune-inspired dual-distortion pedal

“I will face my gear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.”

Acorn Amplifiers has announced the release of the Mind Killer dual distortion pedal, a unit that’s been heavily influenced by the universe of Dune.

The pedal is loaded with two discrete op-amp distortion circuits, wired in series. Each is independently switchable, with individual controls for volume (Life) and drive (Spice), as well as toggle switches for bass boost and clipping diode modes. The bass boost adds a low-end thump to your tone, while the clipping diode switch removes the diodes to operate that side of the pedal as a cleaner op-amp boost. The controls are sat either side of what looks to be Paul Atreides, complete with LEDs for the spice-blue look.

As the two sides are wired in series, you can stack them together easily, and switch one out for a volume drop/boost, or just a texture change. The resulting sound ranges from throaty high-gain overdrive to fuzz-like super-crushed distortion. You can hear it in action with the official demo below:


The Mind Killer lists for $225, with preorders starting today. Find out more at

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