Ananashead’s Bolt OD pedal will jolt your amp to life

Designed as a second channel for amps without a master volume.

Ananashead Bolt overdrive pedal

Ananashead has unveiled Bolt, a low-gain OD pedal that can be deployed as a mild drive or clean boost, essentially doubling up as a second channel for amplifiers without a master volume.

Diving straight into the stomper’s controls, you’ll find three knobs: level, filter and drive. The clean boost can be summoned by increasing level and lowering drive and filter. Alternatively, you can dime the Drive knob to either inject crunch into a clean amp, or add bite to an already driven amp. Last but not least, the Filter control can be tweaked to enliven your solos.

On top of its drive capabilities, the pedal is also touted to neither compress your signal nor produce the dreaded mid-hump normally associated with OD stompers.

Retails at €110. More info at


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