NAMM 2020: Ashdown delivers the knockout punch with new pedals and basses

The basses were designed in collaboration with Dan Lakin.

NAMM 2020: Ashdown Engineering has unveiled the Pro FX 9v collection of effects pedals for both guitar and bass. A small series of bass guitars, released as a collaboration between the UK brand and custom builder Dan Lakin, was also announced.

The all-new Pro FX 9v range of effects pedals were designed and engineered in the UK with electronics engineer Dave Green, and are separated into the Guitar and Bass ranges.

Pro FX 9v Guitar

The Vintage Fuzz

A simple two-knob pedal that converts the user’s guitar signal into a square wave for no-nonsense, fuzzed-out effect.

The Two-Band Boost


Ashdown PRO-FX Two Band Boost

Ashdown has combined two boost types – a full-range boost and a treble boot – into a single pedal enclosure. Each boost has its own independent knob to control the amount of gain that gets fed into the signal.

The Retro Drive

Ashdown PRO-FX Retro Drive

Touted as a “filthy but glorious distortion”, the Retro Drive features the same three-knob control layout as most dirtboxes of yesteryear. The pedal incorporates a British-voiced circuit that comes with a bold and distinctive sound.

Pro FX 9v Bass

The Double Shot

Ashdown PRO-FX Double Shot

The Double Shot is a scaled-down version of Ashdown’s Triple Shot Tri Band Bass Overdrive. The Roast knobs control the amount of distortion applied to the corresponding EQ band, determined by the Dark (bass) and Light (treble) knobs.

The Sub Harmonic Generator


Ashdown PRO-FX Sub Harmonic Genorator

Bassists can use the Sub Harmonic Generator to control the amount of bend between the clean and sub harmonic signals, adding a subtle fullness to the tone or giving it a full-out synth effect.

Ashdown basses

The new range of Ashdown basses consists of four models: The Low Rider, The Saint, The Arc and The Grail. Premium features include Hipshot tuners, Dunlop strap locks, Wilkinson bridges and Dunlop strings. The Grail also comes as a four- or five-string instrument and is available in a short-scale format.

Pricing and availability of Ashdown’s 2020 lineup TBC. For more information, click here.

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