Becos announces the CompIQ TWAIN Dual-Band/Stacked Pro Compressor/Limiter

With enough controls to rival rack-mount units.

Adding to its other entries in the CompIQ range of compressors, Becos has announced the CompIQ TWAIN Dual-Band/Stacked Pro Compressor/Limiter – a compression pedal with two analogue engines, and a host of control options.

For any player that wants absolute precise control over their compression, this pedal should be perfect. In line with its predecessors in the CompIQ range, the face of the TWAIN is jam-packed with controls to manage your dynamics.

The pedal, designed around the Analog Engines compression engines from THAT Corp, offers some adaptive auto attack/release timing presets, as well as controls for each band’s knee, threshold, ratio, and make-up gain. It can function as a dual-band compressor/limiter with variable crossover point (between 70Hz and 1KHz) if, for example, you want to keep your low-end under control but let high-end articulation jangle through the mix. But the level of control you have means that any dual-band application you can think of, the TWAIN can most likely handle.

A switch on the unit changes its operation to a stacked compressor, with separate controls for each analogue engine. This means instead of operating as a dual-band compressor, the two engines work in series. In both dual-band and series modes you can mix a tape-saturated dry signal with both bands of the compressed signal. And to let you know what’s going on under the hood, there are separate gain reduction displays for each side of things.

The CompIQ TWAIN Pro Compressor lists for $329 / €299, and is available to preorder now, shipping in April 2020. Find out more over at becosfx.com.

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