Benson Amps announces a new thermally-biased Germanium Fuzz

The pedal keeps its sound consistent regardless of temperature.

Benson Amps has announced a new pedal, a germanium-based fuzz pedal fitted with automatic thermal biasing technology.

Germanium transistors give a smoother, more ‘open’ fuzz sound than silicon transistors, however, their operation can vary based on the ambient temperature. Christopher Benson used the early days of COVID-19 lockdown to work on the concept of a self-regulating germanium fuzz, a now patent-applied-for technology that means consistent operation of the fuzz pedal all the way from zero °C to 38°C.

Benson's Germanium Fuzz
Image: Benson Amps


Alongside this, the pedal features an adjustable class A buffer before a pickup-simulating coil, meaning the fuzz will always behave as if it’s plugged straight into a guitar – even if it’s placed after other effects and buffers Other controls on the unit allow for adjustment of volume and gain.

As the particular germanium transistors found in the pedal are hard to source, Benson Amps will only be building its Germanium Fuzz when parts are available. The first batch is available now through and Benson Dealers worldwide.

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