Marshall reveals the 1959HW Bernie Marsden, a white-snakeskin-clad amplifier head

The amp is clad in white snakeskin. But what kind of snake has– oh. Right.

Marshall has announced the 1959HW Bernie Marsden signature, a plexi amplifier head wrapped in white faux-snakeskin. The 100W head has had the same changes made to it as Marsden’s original plexi from 1978, which he used extensively with Whitesnake.

The modifications include the addition of more gain to both channels, meaning the amp has a slightly grittier base tone. The voicing of the midrange has been adjusted to provide more control of the frequencies at higher mid-levels. The global feedback in the power amp has been adjusted to allow more expression and punch.

The head features the straightforward controls of presence, bass, middle, treble and two volume controls. Notably, there is no master volume nor gain control, however, the punchy preamp should provide more than enough gain.


Watch Bernie Marsden demonstrate the amp here:

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