Big Ear launches the Albie, a stompbox dream machine

Is this multi-effects pedal the perfect new wave tone machine?

Nashville-based pedal maker Big Ear has launched the Albie, a multi-effects stompbox which it described as an ‘ambient modulator’.

The digital pedal offers eight ‘settings’ – each inspired by “the jangly, shimmering, modulated sounds associated with the new wave and post-punk music of the 70s and 80s.”

In actuality, each ‘setting’ is a carefully curated chain of effects (or stack, as Big Ear calls them).


Albie features just two knobs: Effect and Blend. The former lets you cycle between chains (stacks), while the latter acts as a wet/dry control.

There’s a single footswitch on the Albie, but it has two functions. Stepping once engages or bypasses the pedal, while holding down activates a secondary effect setting for each stack.

Big Ear named these secondary settings ‘Neil Modes’ after Neil Graham of Dr. Scientist. According to the brand, Graham programmed the Albie’s code and secondary settings.

The Albie ships in an Aqua Teal enclosure adorned with Big Ear’s signature large-typographic graphic design style. Take a listen to the official demo below:

The Albie retails for $199 through Big Ear pedals. Learn more at


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