NAMM 2021: Blackstar announces the Studio 10 6L6 Surf Green

The vintage-styled combo gets a surfy makeover.

NAMM 2021: Blackstar has announced the release of its new Studio 10 6L6 Surf Green.

The amplifier, which runs at 10 watts, loaded with a single 6L6 power valve – what Blackstar describes as the “tonal powerhouse of many well-known classic American amplifiers”. This “American” gain character, in practice, means smoother midrange and a more controlled lower end than a traditionally “British” EL34.

The power stage being single-ended and Class A means that the selection of the power tube is all the more important, as it leads to the power amplifier clipping in a more characteristic way.


The controls consist of knobs for gain, tone, reverb and master volume, as well as a push-button to engage overdrive.

The power stage is driving a Celestion Seventy-80 12-inch speaker, and the ECC83 preamp stage can be split out into your time-based effects thanks to a series effects loop. There’s also a cab-emulated mono output, taken after the power stage, and a connection for a footswitch to engage overdrive and reverb.

The Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 Surf Green
Image: Blackstar

Complimenting the Surf Green tolex is a basketweave front cloth, cream chicken head knobs, a tan handle and white piping for a classy, vintage look.

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