Blackstar launches Bronco Grey version of the HT-1R and HT-1RH MkII

The two compact, low-wattage amplifiers get a new look.

Blackstar has launched a new Bronco Grey version of its HT-1R, HT-1RH amplifiers and accompanying HT-112OC 1×12 cabinet.

The HT-1R is a compact tube combo, rated at one watt with a push-pull power amp centred around a single ECC82 valve. The preamp is based on a single ECC83 valve. Controls include knobs for gain, volume, Blackstar’s proprietary ISF EQ and reverb, as well as push buttons to engage overdrive and a secondary voice. The amp can be connected to an external cabinet with a 4-16 ohm speaker jack, or to speakers or headphones with a cab-emulated eighth-inch jack or to a computer with a USB audio out connection.

Blackstar HT-1R


The HT-1RH features the same preamp, power amp and control panel features without the included eight-inch speaker, instead just the 4-16 ohm speaker jack. The ISF control on both amplifiers sweeps the shape of the EQ curve from a more traditionally American sound to a British one, as well as anything in between.

Blackstar HT-1RH

The HT-112OC, now available with the same Bronco Grey tolex as the corresponding HT-1 amplifiers, is a 1×12 speaker cabinet with a part-removable back panel, to change from a closed-back to open-back cabinet for either a focused low-end or a more wide midrange. While the cabinet pairs well with the one-watt HT-1RH, the speaker is rated at 50 watts to match with a wide range of amp heads.

The combo lists for £279, the head for £259, and the cabinet for £219. Find out more at

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