Blackstar announces the perfect portable amp for Misfits fans

Blackstar has launched the Misfits 3 Bluetooth, billed as “the ultimate take-anywhere mini amp/speaker for Misfits fans”.

The three-watt amp features much of the same tone options that made the legendary Fly 3 so popular. With two channels, one clean and one driven, built-in delay, and Blackstar’s own ISF EQ control, the Misfits Fly 3 punches far above its weight class in terms of tone. Blackstar has proven itself time and again when it comes to these battery-powered boxes, so this should be no exception. The drive channel should let you sweep from a light blues crunch to a thick, saturated sound, while the delay effect comes with its own level control for a choice of subtle trails or punchy slapback.

The control panel of the Misfits 3 Bluetooth.
The control panel of the Misfits 3 Bluetooth. Image: Blackstar


For those looking to play along, there’s the option of Bluetooth connectivity or an eighth-inch aux-in connection. An emulated line out will also let you practice in the dead of night, or connect to your own speakers. And if you’re not on the go, you can power the amp with a DC supply.

The main difference to a stock Fly 3 is the looks: while the addition of a gold plate subtly sporting a Misfits design for the control panel might have been eye-catching enough, Blackstar has gone the extra mile with the amp’s front grille, which prominently features the iconic Misfits skull.

The amp isn’t the first licenced mini amplifier Blackstar has released, with the Def Leppard Fly 3 coming out earlier this year.

Horror Punk progenitors Misfits are set to hit the stage again in Philadelphia on 14 December this year, alongside Dropkick Murphys and Agnostic Front.

The Blackstar Misfits 3 Bluetooth lists for £59, and launches on 31 October. More information at