Take Blackstar’s new Fly 3 Acoustic to your next small gig

Reach more people with this little box.

Blackstar Amplification has launched the Fly 3 Acoustic, a three-watt mini amp designed for both gigging and practice.

Right off the bat it arms you with a shape select switch, which lets you select between a flat response or a mid cut with some low and high boost. There’s also a built-in echo – adjustable via a knob – for the times you want to add some natural ambience to your playing. More standard controls on the mini amplifier include a master volume and a two-band EQ.

Blackstar Acoustic Fly 3


When jamming at home, you can use the headphone/speaker emulated line out for silent practice. The Fly 3 Acoustic also features an MP3/line in for jamming along to songs or listening to music. In terms of power, it takes either DC or batteries – which come included. If you’re using the Fly 3 Acoustic to gig, you may want to add on the Fly 103 Acoustic powered cabinet to create a six-watt setup.

If you’re looking for something with a little more oomph, Blackstar recently launched the Sonnet Series of acoustic guitar amplifiers. Available in 60- and 120-watt versions, these are touted to deliver “the most natural possible response”, which is ideal for acoustic instruments.

More information at blackstaramps.com.