BluGuitar releases the AMP1 Iridium Edition

The pedalboard amp is ‘uncompromisingly metal-voiced’.

bluguitar am1 iridium

German amplifier manufacturer BluGuitar has released the AMP1 Iridium Edition, an all-analogue 100-watt pedalboard amplifier.

The unit is complete with a noise-gate, boost, speaker emulation, extensive I/O, a tube power amp section and four metal-voiced preamp modes. It is a metal-focused alternative to the AMP1 Mercury Edition.

Alongside a clean channel, three gain channels offer a range of metal tones: Modern, Classic, and Vintage. The leftmost footswitch toggles between the clean channel and the currently active gain channel, as chosen by a three-way selector knob. The level and tone of each preamp can be fine-tuned by the trim-pots on the side of the unit.

The central footswitch activates a boost which, to achieve the sought-after tone of an overdrive pedal slamming into the front of a high-gain amp, is placed before the preamp section. Like the preamps, this is fine tuned by a trim-pot, ranging from a clean boost to a more overdriven sound.

The noise-gate can be set to either off, “soft” or “metal.” The “soft” mode features a longer decay so as to not clamp down on detailed playing, while the “metal” mode’s fast decay allows for extra-percussive palm-muted chugging. Engaging the reverb will automatically set the noise gate to soft to allow leads to cut through the gate.

The pedal can operate in two modes: normal mode, or preset mode, which allows for the saving of a sound onto one of the three footswitches. This overrides its normal use for quick access to a pre-sculpted tone.

The inputs and outputs are located on the top of the pedal, including an effects loop that can run in either series or parallel. There is the option for both 16- or 8-ohm output into a speaker cabinet, or simply run the “recording” output into an interface or front-of-house system. A footswitch jack and MIDI1 input are also found here.

Here’s a list of controls on the front panel:

  • Volume for clean channel
  • Gain and volume for the active gain channel
  • Gain channel selector (Modern, Classic, Vintage)
  • Three-band EQ
  • Master volume
  • Reverb

Watch a product overview here:

The AMP1 Iridium Edition lists for €749. More information at


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