The Boss Katana goes bass with two new combo amplifiers

A mid-wattage 1x10 combo and a high-wattage 2x10 combo join the guitar-focused lineup of Katana amplifiers.

Boss has expanded its Katana range to bass amplifiers for the first time ever, with two new combos that keep the same approach as their guitar amplifier counterparts.

The new Katana bass range consists of a the Katana-110 Bass and the Katana-210 bass. The Katana-110 has a single 10-inch woofer alongside a tweeter for treble frequencies, driven by a 60-watt power section. The Katana-210 bass features two 10-inch woofers and one tweeter, driven by a 160-watt power section. In both cases, the tweeter can be disabled to change the character of the overall sound.

The signal chain of the amplifier has been designed specifically around bass applications. There are two optional stompbox effects placed before the preamp: a compressor and a drive pedal. You can then choose between three preamp voices: vintage, flat or modern. A four-band equaliser, effects section and a wet/dry blend control provide further tone-shaping. A power selection switch lets you drop the output down to one-watt, or quickly place the amp on standby to mute your sound but keep the amplifier running.


For even deeper editing, you can connect the amplifier to a computer running Boss Tone Studio, which lets you adjust all of the panel controls, save presets, swap out effects and more.

Both amplifiers support footswitches and expression pedals, as well as the boss GA-FC Foot controller. If you connect Boss’ Audio MIDI Dual Adapter, you can also control parameters from a smartphone over Bluetooth.

The balanced XLR out is switchable between dry, pre-effects or post-effects, while the quarter-inch headphones/recording output is always post-effects. The headphones/recording output features Boss’ Air Feel cabinet simulation.

The Boss Katana-110 Bass lists for $390.99, and the 210 for $649.99. Find out more over at