Boss launches a new Waza Craft fuzz pedal, the FZ-1W

The FZ-1W’s looks take after the FZ-3, but it’s not a reissue of a vintage Boss fuzz.

Boss has launched its latest Waza Craft guitar pedal, the FZ-1W. With the pedal, Boss aims to provide both vintage and modern fuzz voices using two separate operating modes.

The pedal, like all Waza Craft units, has a two-mode switch that changes its sound. However, unlike other pedals in the line, the FZ-1W is not a recreation of a vintage Boss pedal – there’s no such thing as a non-Waza Craft FZ-1. So, where other Waza Craft pedals have their two modes labelled “S” and “C”, for stock and custom respectively, the FZ-1W has “vintage” and “modern mode.

Boss describes Vintage mode as “a retro fuzz experience with aggressive tone, dynamic touch response, and extreme sensitivity to input volume,” while Modern mode “provides a fatter sound and more mid focus to suit a wider range of music styles.”


You can hear it in action with Boss’ official demo below.

In both cases, the tone knob offers a wide range of EQ characters, having a dramatic effect on the treble and bass content of each mode. The only controls other than the tone knob are level and fuzz.

The pedal was born out of the production of another unique Waza Craft Fuzz – the Boss TB-2W, which recreated the vintage Tonebender MkII fuzz. It was the first Waza Craft product to recreate a non-Boss pedal.

Boss said of the pedal’s origins in a statement: “While developing the limited-run TB-2W Tone Bender, we explored and analysed many vintage fuzz pedals and gained deep knowledge along the way. This experience inspired us to reimagine the classic fuzz effect with our unique Waza craftsmanship and expertise.

“Unlike previous Waza Craft models, the FZ-1W does not provide a reproduction of a past design. This pedal is our modern interpretation of vintage fuzz, and it carries the number ‘1’ in its name to show our great respect for the classic circuits that helped shape the sound of rock guitar and launch the effect pedal industry that we all love today.”


The FZ-1W lists for $199.99. Find out more at