Brett Kingman spills the beans on how to create a versatile Axe-Fx preset

Modelling amps don’t have to be intimidating.

Guitar.com Live: Modelling amplifiers can be intimidating, especially if you’re used to something with far fewer knobs and no screen. And that’s why we were pleased to have Aussie YouTube legend Brett Kingman appear at Guitar.com Live, where he ran through the basics of modelling concepts, as well as an overview of how to build a versatile stage preset with the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III.

Using Fractal Audio System’s highly powerful editing software, Kingman put together a rig that could handle a bundle of tones thanks to the scene system. He also dove into how to compare different blocks using the A/B/C/D slots, route the input of physical footswitches and expression pedals to control blocks, and leverage the horsepower of the Axe-Fx III to create some expansive ambient soundscapes.

See more from Kingman over at his YouTube channel. For more from Guitar.com Live, head on over to guitar.com/live.

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