Browne Amplification introduces the T4 Fuzz

Its take on the 4-transistor silicon fuzz.

Browne Amplification has announced the T4 Fuzz pedal, its take on the classic formula of a four-transistor silicon fuzz unit.

This approach is also found in Big Muff-style pedals, leading to an aggressive and scooped sound. However, Browne Amplification has aimed to bring some of those scooped mids back as the T4 features a flattened EQ-curve for a more even tone. So, if you like the violin-style sustain offered by a four-transistor fuzz but have spent far too much time trying to get your sound to cut through, this might be the pedal for you.

Sticking to familiar territory in terms of controls, the T4 comes with three knobs: Level, Sustain and Tone. It also features true-bypass switching and a standard 9V DC power jack, with no battery support. Its enclosure sports a restrained design, with a raised nameplate and small footprint – especially in comparison to some vintage full-sized Big Muff units.


Hear the pedal in action below:

The pedal lists for $179. Find out more at For more gear news, click here.