Burls Art creates a dazzling guitar made of plastic dumped into the ocean

The guitar was built in collaboration with eco-conscious apparel brand 4ocean.

Burls Art, the YouTube channel known for turning non-conventional materials – such as Himalayan rock salt and skateboards – into electric guitars has teamed with 4ocean on an instrument made of ocean plastic.

A 15-minute video documented the electric guitar coming to life, showing how ocean plastic is extracted by workers to the actual build itself. Pieces of plastic were ground up into smaller bits so they can be worked on more easily.

Burls Art melted down smaller pieces into a solid block in order to fashion a body, while the guitar’s neck sealed pieces of ocean trash in an epoxy. The multiple colours of the different plastics help give the guitar a unique look.


Cleverly, the builder also made use of angled drinking straws in all sorts of different colours to come up with a dazzling ‘fretboard’ for the instrument.

Burls Art also gave the guitar a single-coil in the neck position and a humbucker in the bridge, which route to a three-knob control section: two volumes and a single tone knob.

Watch the video below:

4ocean is a for-profit company which turns ocean plastic into bracelets, jewellery and more, which fund the removal of trash from oceans and coastlines.