These new fretboard flashcards are designed to make learning chords less of a chore

Could this be a new way of learning the guitar?

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Image: Chard Chords

A music educator has developed a new way to help beginners play chords – introducing the Card Chords, removable flashcards that sit directly on the fretboard.

The concept was designed by music teacher Mike Grande, and is said to help both teachers and new learners to “demonstrate, learn and memorise guitar chords” more efficiently than ever before.

The design comes as a deck of flashcards, each offering a visual prompt for a different chord shape.

In terms of the design, the launch is surprisingly simple. Essentially, the card goes under the strings and three gaps allow the frets to remain uncovered. From here, a perforated tab keeps the card in place and dots show the finger placement, depending on the chosen chord.

While the cards are only designed for the first three guitar frets, the company ensures users that is still enough room to learn fifteen different chords.

According to demonstration videos, the flashcards are pretty good at preserving the guitar’s tone too. Find a demonstration below.

Three different size decks are on offer, depending on the type of guitar used. For Fenders, Squiers, Ibanez and Yamaha guitars, the Stratocaster Edition size is recommended.

Similarly, the Les Paul Edition is catered for Gibson, Epiphone and Gretsch models, while the Universal Edition works on any solid-body electric and acoustic guitar. Of course, any guitar with nylon strings or fanned frets is incompatible with the design.

Card Chords are available now from $27. Find out more on the company’s website.


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