Classic Combinations: 1955 Gretsch Country Club & Electromatic Amp

This month’s treasures from Old Hat Guitars in Horncastle in Lincolnshire are a pair of Gretsch products from that most pivotal of years in popular music history, 1955.

Resplendent in Cadillac Green, the 6196 Country Club features a period-correct original Melita Bridge and DeArmond Dynasonic pickups. With a full 17-inch body width, it’s a sizeable beast to tame, but comfortably one of the best-looking electric guitars of all time.
Manufactured by Valco, the Gretsch 6161 Electromatic amplifier’s tweed covering and TV-style front couldn’t be more 50s, and its pair of elliptical speakers are very much of the era, too.

To see a treasure trove of vintage gear including this pair of Gretsches and much more, simply visit Old Hat Guitars and make a donation to Cancer Research. Owner Norman Mitchell will then show you around the museum that resides above the shop. “If it’s a substantial contribution or I like ’em, they can play anything!”, he says. You can’t say fairer than that…

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