Collision Devices unveils the Ranch, an eco-friendly drive, dynamic tremolo and boost

This pedals enclosure is fashioned out of walnut and pineapple leather.

Collision Devices The Ranch

Image: Collision Devices

Collision Devices of Sèvremont, France has released the Ranch, a three-effect guitar pedal consisting of a drive, dynamic tremolo and boost – housed in an eco-friendly enclosure made of walnut and pineapple leather.

The Ranch’s naturally-sourced enclosure is made up of a combination of medium-density American walnut –taken from trees grown in Europe in order to reduce carbon emissions from shipping – and a slice of Pinatex, a faux-leather made from the leaves of the Ananas Comosus (pineapple), considered to be an agricultural waste product.

Each pedal also gets polished with a non-chemically treated linseed oil, cold pressed in France. Furthermore, the device builders includes a small can of wax, amalgamated from locally-sourced beeswax and linseed oil to help keep the Ranch looking fresh.

According to Collision Devices, the Ranch was designed to be very dynamics-dependent. The knobs located on the pedals main face are all controls for just the drive section, consisting of dust (drive), bright (mid-treble) and strength (strength).

The tremolo and boost controls, on the other hand, are located inside the pedal; a set-it-and-forget-it type scenario, which can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Take a listen to it in action below.

To wrap things up, each pedal is strung up with linseed string, protected with crushed forest wood fragments and ships in a recycled cardboard box. A neat little green suggestion from Collision: use the wood fragments as mulch for your garden.

Preorders for the Ranch are priced at €279, and include a lifetime warranty. Additionally, the first 25 units ship with a handmade Pinatex handbag.

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