Cooper FX releases cartridge-based multi-effects pedal, Arcades

In case your lo-fi effects weren’t retro enough.

Cooper FX Arcades

Image: Cooper FX

Cooper FX has released a new multi-effects pedal, the Arcades. Like many multi-effects units, it features a screen and multi-purpose controls. Unlike many units, however, you choose your effect with a GameBoy-style cartridge.

Each cartridge comes loaded with eight effects in one of four areas: reverb, delay, pitch and lo-fi. The range of effects on offer is as broad as you might expect from such a novel unit, going from standard tap-tempo clean delays to dual-pitch-shifting or vinyl warp effects.

In terms of controls, there are four knobs labelled A, B, C and D, alongside a button to switch the current effect to the next, and a page button, which toggles between different displays on the screen. The two main control pages each map A, B, C and D to different things – the first, to global controls such as dry, wet, tone and clock, with the second displaying controls specific to the current cartridge. Another page deals with the mapping of an external footswitch, while the final page deals with configuration elements such as presents, MIDI, and the quantisation clock.

While it might not be a rig-killer pedal with cab-simulation and similar, it’s certainly a unique take on the format – and the actual effects on offer go far beyond the standard presets you might find elsewhere. And, instead of having to install a firmware update for more effects, Cooper FX has said it intends to release more cartridges containing new effects.

To hear it in action, take a look at the demo below:

The Cooper FX Arcades lists for $329.99. Find out more at


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