Crazy Tube Circuits launches two new pedals, the Constellation CV7003 and Memphis

One is a germanium-loaded fuzz, the other a Magnatone-style vibe.

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation and Memphis

Images: Crazy Tube Circuits

Greek pedal maker Crazy Tube Circuits has released two new pedals: The Constellation CV7003 and the Memphis.

Constellation CV7003

This version of the Constellation is a fuzz is fitted with military-spec NOS germanium CV7003 transistors, all the way from 1968. Because of this, the pedal’s limited to 200units worldwide, and offers a range of germanium-powered fuzz voicings thanks to the large rotary selector in the middle of the pedal. Other controls are the self-explanatory volume and gain.

The voicings are as follows:

  • FF: voiced after “the most copied fuzz circuit,” IE a fuzzface.
  • 3/2: Doing some quick maths on this reveals that it’s voiced after the mythical Tonebender Mk1.5
  • VTB: Voiced after the Italian-made Vox tone bender
  • 2: A saturated 3-transistor fuzz circuit
  • RM: Voiced after a Rangemaster treble booster.
  • RMFF: this voice runs the RM into the FF, resulting in boosted, fuzzy glory.


The Memphis is an amp-style vibrato based on the circuits found in old Magnatone amplifiers. It’s loaded with an all-analogue LFO and two-stage pitch shifting circuit. This works off an internal voltage multiplier, meaning a higher headroom inside the pedal for a bigger dynamic range. A clean with up to 20dB boost can give you some old-school pushed-amp tones.

There’s also a toggle switch that allows you to choose between a fully wet signal and a blend of dry and wet, with the former allowing for pure vibrato and the latter allowing for swirly phaser sounds.

The Constellation CV7003 (limited to 200 worldwide) lists for €299, while the Memphis lists for €155. Find out more about the Constellation CV7003 and Memphis at Crazy Tube Circuits’ website.

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