Crazy Tube Circuits’ Cyclone provides four discrete vintage phaser voices

The all-analogue effect emulates classic 70s and 90s sounds

the Crazy Tube Circuitry Cyclone

Image: Crazy Tube Circuitry

Crazy Tube Circuits’ Cyclone is an all-analogue phaser pedal with four classic phaser voices on offer.

The four voices are chosen by a rotary selector switch in the centre of the unit – allowing for a choice between the ‘45’, the ‘90’, the ‘ST’ and the ‘LT’.

The 45 is “somewhere between a warm, organic phaser and a rotary speaker effect.” The ‘90’ is based on a 70s four-stage phaser with a warm EQ. The ‘ST’ is similar to the ‘90’, but gives you a more pronounced frequency notch, while the ‘LT’ is voiced after a boutique 90s phaser.

Despite its vintage ideals, the Cyclone does come with some extra modern controls not seen on the classic phasers it emulates. The pedal’s standard-sized enclosure houses four control knobs in addition to the voice selector. A mix control lets you blend in more dry signal, while the depth, feedback and speed knobs operate the phaser modulation. Override the speed knob with the tap-tempo footswitch, allowing for rhythmic quacks or synchronised long sweeps.

The Cyclone lists for €189, and is available now. More information at


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