Create a cacophony of voices with Meris’ Hedra

Three pitch-shifting voices, four delay settings and much more.

Fresh from Meris’ locker is Hedra, a three-voice rhythmic pitch shifter inspired by studio rack units from the 90s. The pedal adds three voices to your instrument and boasts expansive delay options that can take your sound to new heights. Here are the details:

Three voices

At the heart of Hedra are three voices, each featuring independent pitch controls. By setting the voices to different pitches, you’ll end up you with three distinct sounds added on to your instrument.

The voices can be further modified with a Micro Tune control, which supplies a detune effect to all three voices. Hedra also features a Key function, which offers you a chromatic effect or key-driven, diatonic harmonies.

Delay matrices

meris hedra text

Besides its voices, Hedra also boasts four delay settings with tap tempo. The delay here isn’t your average effect, Meris claims. After delay is applied to each voice, the effect is then routed back into four matrices, yielding “predictable or unpredictable” results. Here are the four delay types:

  • Dual: Splits delay into two short delays with a stereo output
  • Dual + Series: The same two delays as above, but now with cross-feedback
  • Series: One long series delay with standard feedback
  • Pitch Feedback (neither Dual nor Series engaged): One long series delay with the pitch shifters routed to the feedback loop

Alt controls

Holding the Alt button down unlocks a new chamber of features. In this mode, each pitch control becomes a time offset for the assigned voice. The Micro Tune function is now responsible for pitch correction and glide control, while the Alt Key gives you access to different scales, including major, minor, Eastern and minor pentatonic.


meris hedra rear

On the connectivity front, Hedra is compatible with both MIDI keyboards and sequencers, which can be used to transform your instrument into a “mind-bending tapestry of harmonies and hard-tuned pitch glides”, Meris says.

Watch Hedra being put through its paces below:

Retails at $299/£319. More info at meris.us.

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