D’Addario announces new telescopic pedalboard system, XPND

Don't want to be stuck with one pedalboard width?

Guitar accessory manufacturer D’Addario has announced a new series of pedalboards, entitled XPND. As their name suggests, they’re capable of telescopically expanding, allowing for a flexible and neat arrangement of differing numbers of pedals.

The board comes in two sizes – one row (two rails) or two rows (four rails). The rails themselves are described as “aircraft-quality,” and come pre-fitted with pedalboard velcro. To expand or shrink the ‘board, there is a lever on both the top and bottom rail, which allows for fine adjustment of its size.

The XPND also ships with the option of a pedal riser to stop smaller pedals being in a sea of larger ones. Each size also has the option to ship with its own XPND Backline Pedalboard Transporter bag.


Jim D’Addario, the brand’s chief innovation officer, said of the launch: “This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding innovation projects our team has ever completed. This is truly a game-changer.”

The XNND 1 lists for $79.99, while the XPND 2 lists for $169.99. Find out more at daddario.com. For more gear news, click here.