The Danelectro Longhorn baritone is making a comeback

An improved take on the original 1958 design is on its way, ideal for those after a supersonic, retro sound.

Danelectro has expanded its range of baritone guitars by reviving its long-scale Longhorn model – perfect for players looking to reconnect with the sound of the fifties and sixties.

Over the past year, there has been a growing demand for baritone guitars, with brands such as D’Angelico, Chapman and Squier launching their own take on the lesser-seen models.

Now, Danelectro has shared its contribution to the expanding market by relaunching its Baritone Longhorn model.


The manufacturer, which is considered somewhat of a godfather of baritone guitars, showcased its classic design in 1958. This was the same time that the landscape of electric guitars was changing – with both the Flying V and Explorer models first being seen around this period too.

Now back in production, the 2022 Longhorn models come sporting a hardwood top, plywood body and a maple neck topped with a 14” radius fingerboard and elongated 29.72” scale length.

Available in both a Copper Burst and Silver Burst finish, the models also incorporate a pair of high-output lipstick single-coil pickups and a rarely-seen aluminium nut to provide an additional touch of 1960s flare.

Intended for those looking to emulate the late-1950s and early-1960s in their sound, the baritone model took inspiration from the brand’s six-string Longhorn bass and the range derives its name from the exaggerated cutaways, which appear to be inspired by cattle.

Although not yet listed on Danelectro’s site, the brand has confirmed that the launch will retain the same level of retro charm as seen in the original models, but will also offer a range of “original and updated” features.

Said to blend a combination of the brand’s signature “rustic country charm and retro-futurism”, both models are already available for pre-order at Sweetwater, priced at $569.