D’Angelico Guitars launches its first signature acoustic with Josh Turner

Limited to 50 pieces only.

American guitar maker D’Angelico Guitars has teamed up with singer-songwriter and YouTuber Josh Turner to release the brand’s first-ever signature acoustic model.

Billed the brand’s “most lightweight and resonant acoustic guitar yet,” the Excel Josh Turner Tammany is a non-cutaway orchestra model with a vintage-inspired look.

Featuring a satin-finished solid spruce top and open-pore satin mahogany back and sides, the guitar sports a slightly thicker satin-finished C-shape neck and 1 3/4” nut width that allows for excellent precision when playing intricate finger style music.


It also comes with an ebony fingerboard with diamond pattern inlays that complement an ebony bridge and ebony bridge pins.

Designed to offer onstage flexibility, the Josh Turner Tammany comes equipped with the JourneyTek Passive 3-piezo Pickup for unobstructed true-to-tune amplification.

“[The JourneyTek pickup] has a really warm smooth top end and to me it strikes the perfect balance of a natural reliable onstage tone while having the smallest footprint on the sound of the instrument when it’s not plugged in,” said the guitarist.

Turner’s love of classic aesthetics also shines through with the inclusion of a Throwback Scroll-style headstock, antique bronze hardware, and a hand-signed inner soundhole sticker. Meanwhile, thin, unstained finish on the top allows the unique colour of each piece of spruce to come through as the guitar ages.

Available only in Natural, D’Angelico’s latest signature model is described as a “road-ready and collection-worthy” piece.


Priced at $799.99, the Excel Josh Turner Tammany is limited to 50 pieces and is sold exclusively in the US. Each instrument is also hand-signed and numbered by Turner himself.

A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, engineer, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York, Turner is best known for his YouTube channel Josh Turner Guitar, where he posts covers, original music, and instructional content.

Learn more at dangelicoguitars.com