Darkglass Electronics launches limited-edition Microtubes 900 V2 amp

Featuring custom artwork by Christopher Lovell.

Earlier this year, Darkglass Electronics introduced version 2 of its Microtubes 900 bass amp. Now, the Finnish brand has now teamed with UK-based artist Christopher Lovell to launch a limited run of the 900-watt model.

The special-edition 900 V2 comes in a sleek black finish that bears laser-etched artwork. The artwork is based on Lovell’s Euryale, a canvas-based piece inspired by the mythical sister of Medusa.

Otherwise, the amp’s features remain unchanged. It packs drive engines from two Darkglass Electronics stompboxes – the B3K and Vintage Microtubes – that are capable of sparkling cleans, vintage drive and heavy sounds. Tone-sculpting comes by way of a six-band equaliser and studio-grade compression, while IR cab emulations round out the amp’s offerings.


For more info, head over to darkglass.com.