Darkglass Electronics’ Microtubes X Ultra is a versatile bass-shaping tool

Preamp/OD unit features multiband drive, graphic EQ and IR cab sims.

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes X Ultra top

Darkglass Electronics has launched the Microtubes X Ultra, a preamp/overdrive unit that lets you shape your bass tone with great detail. The highlights on this pedal include a uniquely designed multiband overdrive, a six-band graphic EQ and IR cab simulation.

At the X Ultra’s core are two channels – clean and multiband distortion – as well as a variable LF compressor. When distortion is engaged, your signal is split into two variable filters: low- and high-pass. You can shape each variable filter with dedicated controls – low-pass determines how clean and punchy your signal, while high-pass governs the amount of signal run through the drive circuit for saturation.

There are also individual level controls for lows and highs that should help you balance out the ratio of low-end punchiness to high-end crunch.

The clean channel, on the other hand, is touted to give you pristine cleans. When engaged, the clean channel bypasses the low-pass filter, giving you a full-range clean signal that’s been coloured by the compressor, EQ, and cab-sim.

In addition to its two channels, the pedal also boasts a six-band graphic EQ and IR cab simulation. The former boasts a four-slider mid-band ranging from 250Hz to 3kHz, while the latter lets you load in additional IR cab sims from the Darkglass Suite software.

Here’s an overview of the new Microtubes addition:

Estimated retail price of £395. More info at darkglass.com.


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