Darkglass Electronics unveils two new bass amps

The Microtubes 900 V2 and Alpha·Omega 900 are compact amps with modern features.

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 900 V2, Alpha·Omega 900

The Microtubes 900 V2 (top) and Alpha·Omega 900 (bottom)

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Darkglass Electronics has released two new 900-watt bass amps: the Microtubes 900 V2 and Alpha·Omega 900. The former is an upgrade of the original Microtubes amp, while the latter is modelled after Darkglass’ Alpha·Omega distortion preamplifier. Here’s a closer look:

Microtubes 900 V2

This amp is a versatile, powerful unit that builds on the original Microtubes. It features the drive engines from both the B3K and the Vintage Microtubes so you can achieve pristine cleans, vintage drive, as well as metal tones. Throw in a six-band equaliser, studio-grade compression, impulse response cabinet emulations and MIDI control, and you’ll find quite the beast in the Microtubes 900 V2.

Here are some features:

  • Passive/active control:
    • Changes bass input mode
    • The active setting allows active basses to deliver a hotter signal, making the amp distort earlier
  • Microtubes engine:
    • Adds natural compression, organic harmonic enhancement and saturation that ranges from mild overdrive to raging bass tones
    • Level of distortion is tweaked by drive knob
  • B3K/VMT voicings:
    • Select between two overdrive voicings
    • B3K: Serves up an aggressive, percussive sound
    • VMT: Highlights the mids for a warmer, neutral tone
  • Impulse response:
    • USB connector lets you load up to three impulse response cabinet emulations from the Darkglass Suite software – these emulations can be selected via an onboard cabinet select switch

Alpha·Omega 900

This sleek unit is based on Darkglass’ popular Alpha·Omega distortion preamplifier. It features the preamp’s Alpha and Omega drive engines, a studio-grade VCA compressor, and an ultra-quiet, six-band graphic equaliser that lets you shape tones from aggressive overdrives to pristine cleans.

At the amp’s heart are the Alpha and Omega distortion circuits, which you can select or mix via the Mod knob. The Alpha is voiced for a punchy, tight drive with plenty of definition, while the Omega unleashes a brutal, pulsating drive sound.

Both circuits can be further sculpted via a Bite and a Growl button. The former boosts high mids for added presence and definition, while the latter shelves bass boost for a fatter tone and enhanced low-end saturation.

Otherwise, the AO900 has similar features to the Microtubes 900 V2. It can be loaded with up to three impulse response cabinet emulations, is MIDI programmable, and comes with aux input and headphone out options for quiet practice.

Intelligent Footswitch

Darkglass Electronics Intelligent footswitch
The Microtubes 900 V2’s footswitch (left) and the Alpha·Omega 900’s footswitch (right)

Both amps ship with the brand’s Intelligent Footswitch, which lets you remotely engage/disengage the amps’ respective drive engines at the stomp of a footswitch. Additionally, you can also hold down the footswitch for three seconds to mute the amplifier.

Check out an introduction to both amps below:

The amps are estimated to retail at £1,069 each. More information at darkglass.com.

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