Death By Audio unveils limited-edition Evil Fuzz

This gnarly-sounding fuzz box fits snugly on your pedalboard.

Death By Audio has launched the limited-edition Evil Fuzz, a compact stomper capable of destructive fuzz. Despite its small form, this pedal houses the two fuzz circuits featured in DBA’s Evil Filter, priming it for a range of searing drive tones.

At the heart of Evil Fuzz are two modes represented by sine-and square waves. The sine mode dials in a softer driving fuzz which you can turn into a cutting overdrive by rolling down your axe’s volume. Switching over to square unleashes a mean, nasty sounding fuzz and sputtering harmonics.

Evil Fuzz features a single knob that governs the fuzz effect. The pedal is also touted to respond to changes in instrument volume and tone, providing you with another option for tone-sculpting.


Retails at $160. Limited to just 200 units worldwide. More info at