Devi Ever to start making and selling guitar pedals again: “I’m doing it for personal reasons”

The builder isn’t focused on making "a big splash" with the comeback and will be making pedals in small batches.

The effects maker formerly known as Devi Ever has announced their return to pedal building, resuming operations after stopping in 2018.

New pedals will be released under the Devi Ever mark, although the solo builder behind the brand now goes by a new name, Izzi Mouse.

Mouse explained that their intention with Devi Ever’s comeback was not to make “a big splash” in the guitar pedal scene, but rather to have fun and bolster themselves financially.


“It is a part of me trying to make ends meet financially, but I’m not doing it as a career path,” Mouse explained. “I’m doing it for personal reasons.”

They continued: “I’m excited to hopefully set up a manufacturing process [where] I can enjoy building and feel proud of doing – and if I can’t do that, I’m not going to do it.

I don’t have plans currently to make it a big deal, I just want to do it for fun and in small batches.”

Although revered for fuzz pedals, Devi Ever has endured a complicated history and reputation, with many sceptical of the brand after its handling of an unfulfilled crowdfunding campaign.

In 2012, a Kickstarter for an “open-source cartridge-based” pedal known as the Devi Ever Console successfully raised over $40,000. However, the brand failed to reach a prototype and struggled to refund customers.


Mouse admitted that they “mismanaged” their funding and time in a 2013 update of the project, and in 2015 the brand was sold to Dwarfcraft.

Mouse bought back the Devi Ever name in 2016 and posted a final update to those who pledged money to the Console project, declaring: “When I can pay you back, I will, and until that point, I can’t.”

Reactions online to Devi Ever’s return to the pedal scene have been mixed. Some took the opportunity to voice that they still haven’t been refunded for pledging to the failed Console project.

“Maybe now they can repay me my $250 from the Console Kickstarter that produced exactly nothing,” wrote one user of the Gear Page forum. “Don’t get me started on how that money was spent and the complete lack of remorse that was shown to the people [whose] money was stolen.”

There are others, however, still lamenting that the Console project was never completed. “Was just telling a buddy of mine about the Console recently,” wrote one user on YouTube. “It’s tragic that that didn’t pan out because I think it would have been totally revolutionary, I mean it WAS revolutionary, but sadly was not to be.”

Mouse themselves responded to the comment, saying: “I’ll be talking about the console again. I’d still love to see it come to fruition.”