Dophix announces the Dante Overdrive

The Italian brand continues its theme of historical-figure-inspired pedals.

Continuing with its theme of pedals inspired by figures from Italy’s art history, Dophix has announced the Dante Overdrive.

The pedal comes with a TS-style control arrangement of volume, tone and gain, allowing for use as a slightly dirty boost or for tones that approach full-on distortion. The pedal uses hand-selected components and comes with side-mounted jacks.

It also sports minimalist artwork, based on a posthumous portrait of Dante Alighieri. Dophix’s past pedals have drawn inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Bartolomeo Ammannati. Alongside the information about the pedal, Dophix provided the following quote attributed to the Italian literary figure: “Non può comprendere la passione chi non l’ha provata,” or “those who have not experienced it, cannot understand passion,” which, as you might be able to attest, certainly applies in the context of overdrive pedals.


The Dante lists for $199, and is available now. For more information, head over to