Duke Of Tone: MXR and Analog Man’s overdrive pedal drops next month

The highly-anticipated pedal arrives 1 October 2022.

MXR has finally confirmed that its pedal collaboration with Analog Man isn’t just happening, but that the Duke Of Tone overdrive will be launching in just a month – mark your calendars for 1 October 2022.

The Duke Of Tone is officially described as an overdrive for players wanting to “add a touch of warmth and grit to their rig while allowing the natural tone and feel of their high-end gear to shine.”

Perhaps most exciting: the pedal is designed in conjunction with Mike Piera of Analog Man himself; for players, it’s primed to represent a more affordable (and available) version of the acclaimed King Of Tone overdrive pedal.


“I drew out the schematic for how I wanted the Duke of Tone Overdrive to be,” Piera says in a press statement. “They listened to me, and they used pretty much all of the parts I wanted.”

He added: “I was really glad that all of the components that are used for audio are full-sized, good-sounding thru-hole parts. Audio-quality parts. And I tested them very carefully to make sure that they’re the same sound.”

The Duke Of Tone has a much smaller footprint than the original, but carries forward the simple controls – volume, drive, and tone – while offering a Boost-OD-Distortion switch to alter the broad sonics of the pedal.

MXR also says that the Duke of Tone Overdrive is great for gain stacking, and with the additional 18V mode, you get even more headroom and clarity.

The new collab could sate the needs of those reluctant to join the waiting list for one of Analog Man’s lauded, hand-built overdrive pedals. For this reason, Piera is pleased with the partnership.


“I was very happy working with them,” he says. “The reason being to get them out to the stores because we don’t really have our pedals – especially the King of Tone and Prince of Tone Overdrives – we don’t have them in any stores because we can’t make them fast enough for our normal customers.

I thought it would be great to get these to dealers all over the world with the same basic sounds, a nice, small, compact size, and the tone is all there. You don’t need to have something big to have good tone.”

The MXR x Analog Man Duke Of Tone Overdrive comes at a pre-order price of $149.99 and will be out on 1 October 2022.

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