Dunable reveals the three-in-one Eidolon pedal

Clean boost, digital delay and reverb all on tap

Dunable has announced the Eidolon, a pedal that includes a clean boost, digital delay and reverb all inside one compact enclosure. Described by Dunable as “one stomp stop for all things lead guitar,” the clean boost can lift your signal by an impressive 20dB.

The Eidolon also features two footswitches, one for on/off and the other to program the delay’s tap tempo function. The delay in question is extremely tweakable, with feedback, time and delay parameters to utilise and help mix your delay, while there’s also a modulation control that lets you process your delayed signal for added wet.

According to Dunable the Eidolon works best when running through your amp’s effects loop in order to work in conjunction with your amplifier’s existing preamp tone, however it works equally as well in front of the amp.


The Eidolon ships on October 31st and is available to pre-order now for £216.30 plus £20.04 shipping ($259).