Dunlop announces three new offerings

Namely, a compact power supply, a mini bass octave pedal, and a Way Huge drive/octave stompbox.

MXR Mini Iso Brick Power Supply
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Dunlop has unveiled three additions to its 2018 line-up: the MXR Mini ISO-Brick Power Supply, the MXR Vintage Bass Octave, and the Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive. Here’s a brief overview of these new latest releases.

MXR Mini ISO-Brick Power Supply

First up is Dunlop’s newly minted power supply, the MXR Mini ISO-Brick. This gadget is perfect for a small pedalboard or the travelling guitarist. It may fit in the palm of your hand, but this tiny powerhouse can provide clean, noise-free DC to a wide range of pedals.

It boasts five fully isolated outputs, including four that supply nine volts of power at 300mA, and one that can be configured to supply either nine or 18 volts at 800mA. As these outputs are wired to handle both negative and positive grounds, they’ll be able to power up a smorgasbord of pedals, including most digital and analogue units.

Using a splitter cable, you can connect two pedals of the same voltage requirements to a single output, and this can be applied to all outputs simultaneously.

Elsewhere, the Mini features LEDs that indicate whether a stompbox is successfully powered up. This should help isolate any faulty pedal in the signal chain.

Lists for $99.99.

MXR Vintage Bass Octave

MXR Vintage Bass Octave

The Vintage Bass Octave is a smallish pedal that injects versatility into a bass player’s arsenal: It can go from thick and low growls to gut-shaking dub tones. If this sounds like your playing style, the Vintage Bass Octave is a must-have.

The pedal sports a simple three-knob layout. The “Dry” knob can be adjusted to dial in clean signal, while the “Oct 1” and “Oct 2” knobs govern the volume of “one-octave down” and “two-octave down” settings respectively.

For added clarity and definition, the “Mid” switch can be toggled to boost the clean signal’s midrange at 800Hz by six dB. If that’s not enough, users can tweak the internal trimpot for signal boosts that go up to 13dB.

This stompbox is equipped with Dunlop’s Constant Headroom Technology, a custom circuit that caters for crystal-clear headroom by producing 18 volts from a nine-volt power source.

Lists for $159.99.

Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive MKII

Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive

This beast, like its predecessor, combines the savage amp-destroying tones of Way Huge’s Red Llama Overdrive with a frequency doubler that produces an octave-up effect. It’s not all about the dirt, though. Sound-wise, the pedal can deliver tones ranging from eerie, modulator-style effects to massive octave fuzz. Its tone is shaped by “Volume” and “Drive” knobs, while a new “Hi-Cut” control is added to the mix for further tone refinement.

Lists for $149.99.

More information at jimdunlop.com.


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