EarthQuaker Devices unveils the Black Ash Endangered Fuzz

Inspired by the vintage “three-knob Bender” circuit.

EarthQuaker Devices has released the Black Ash Endangered Fuzz, a limited-edition stompbox that serves up a host of unique overdrive and fuzz options.

The dirtbox’s drive circuit is informed by a classic Tone Bender design. It’s also built with rare components sourced from EarthQuaker Devices founder Jamie Stillman’s own stash. Paper-in-oil capacitors and NOS half-watt carbon composition resistors are just some of the premium materials used.

Control-wise, the pedal sports a sleek three-knob layout: “Level”, “Top” and “Fuzz”. Here’s a detailed breakdown:


  • Sets the output level


  • Adjusts high frequencies between two to ten kHz
  • Low setting: Produces a woody, organic drive with a reduced upper harmonic presence
  • High setting: Produces a stiffer response with a sharper attack that reacts dynamically with pickups


  • Adjusts the amount of gain
  • Low setting: Produces amp-like breakup tones
  • High Setting: Produces scorching fuzz tones

Check out the pedal in action here:

The Black Ash is limited to just 1,500 units worldwide.

Retails at $199. More information at earthquakerdevices.com.

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