EHX reveals The 5MM, a power amp that fits on your board

Who needs amp heads, anyway?

Electro Harmonix is showing no signs of stopping: having recently unveiled a reissue of its\ Ram’s Head Big Muff, and entered into the worlds of pedal power supplies and Bluetooth headphones, the manufacturer has now unveiled the 5MM – a 2.5-watt power amp that fits straight on your board.

The power amp comes in a standard-sized pedal enclosure and features only two controls: volume and a bright switch, which will up your sound’s high-end.

EHX Founder, Mike Matthews said about the unit: “You can use the 5MM alone to go from a sparkly clean tone to raw bluesy grit or plug a dirt/overdrive pedal or preamp into it. Then turn it up for some gnarly grind, or really crank it and get bathed in distortion!”


The unit supports 8 or 16-ohm speaker cabinets and takes 9 volt 500mA power. The power requirements for this pedal are notable in that some regular pedal power supplies will be able to handle it – so the 5MM could slot right into your pedalboard, replacing your amp head. It does also come with its own power supply, in case you don’t have a nine-volt 500mA connection to spare.

The 5MM lists for $63, and is available now. More information at