EHX’s Bass9 Bass Machine transforms guitars into basses

Nine modes to suit your low-end palette.

EHX Bass9 Bass machine

EHX has debuted the Bass9 Bass Machine, a stomper designed to turn your guitar into a bass. The pedal boasts nine bass modes selectable via a rotary switch – no additional pickups, MIDI or mods needed. It also features the same technology as EHX’s 9 Series stompboxes, but includes a new algorithm that lets you transpose to lower octaves while preserving dynamics and tracking.

Topping the list of sounds is Precision, which, as its name suggests, is a tribute to Fender’s famed P-Bass. Other notable options include Longhorn – an emulation of a Danelectro six-string bass – along with Virtual, which enables you to modify the “bass’s body density and neck length” for interesting bass sounds. The remaining bass modes include Fretless, Synth, Bowed, Split Bass, Flip-flop and 3:03, the last of which takes its cues from Roland’s vintage TB-303 bass synth.

On the control front, EHX’s latest stomper boasts independent Effect and Dry controls, both of which let you fine-tune the mix. These are joined by two parameter controls – named 1 and 2 – that are specific to the selected mode. In Precision, for example, Ctrl 1 governs sub-octaves while Ctrl 2 mirrors the original P-Bass’s tone control.

Here’s an overview of the Bass9 Bass Machine:

Lists at $221.30. More info at


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