Electro-Harmonix’s Nano Metal Muff scales down its popular high-gain distortion stomper

It adds an adjustable noise gate to kill unwanted hum.

Electro-Harmonix has launched the Nano Metal Muff, a scaled-down edition of one of the brand’s most popular high-gain distortion pedals.

The Nano Metal Muff sports the same drive circuit as the classic Metal Muff, but takes up a much smaller footprint on your pedalboard. A new addition to the pedal is an onboard noise gate, which – ideal for high-gain situations – can be used to kill unwanted idle hum. The gate is adjustable via a knob on the pedals front face, plus there’s a green led that lets you know when it’s engaged.

Other controls on the Nano Metal Muff are very similar to those found on the original, with just one exception: the top boost parameter has been done away with. You can set your levels by balancing the distortion and volume control knobs. As for sculpting your tone, there’s a tonestack EQ (treble, mid and bass).


Like its name implies, the Nano Metal Muff is designed to pull off heavy guitar tones. Check out the demo below for a better idea of what the pedal is capable of:

The EHX Nano Metal Muff can be powered either by 200mA power supply or with a 9v battery. It’s available now, with a street price of $72.20.

Learn more at ehx.com

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