Electro-Harmonix shrinks the Micro Q-Tron down to the Nano Q-Tron

The new pedal also adds a dedicated volume control.

Electro-Harmonix has expanded its range of Q-Tron envelope filters with the Nano Q-Tron, a more compact version of the Micro Q-Tron with an added volume control.

The pedal now has four controls: drive, to adjust how hard the envelope is pushed by your playing dynamics, Q to set the peak bandwidth of the filter, volume for the overall output level and a mode switch to select between low-pass, bandpass and high-pass filters.

Other than the added volume control and the smaller enclosure, however, the Nano Q-Tron is familiar territory for fans of the rest of the Q-Tron range. It can still create quacking filter sweeps ranging from subtle to intense, stacking well with overdrive.


Check out the Nano Q-Tron in action with EHX’s official video demo below.

The pedal features true-bypass switching, ships with a 9V battery and lists for $106.40. Find out more at ehx.com.