Emma Electronic releases the Navigator Delay

This hybrid delay pedal harnesses analogue and digital technology.

Emma Electronic has launched the Navigator Delay, a multi-talented unit that packs a suite of effects, including tap-tempo delay, modulation, trails, and a unique beat-split option.

The latter, the main highlight of this pedal, produces a secondary delay voice – comprising 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4 interval presets – that can be paired with the pedal’s primary delay or used independently to generate a wave of rhythmic sounds.

Another highlight is the Navigator’s hybrid nature: its delay effect is shaped by both digital and analogue components. The delay effect is first generated by a custom-coded DSP that caters for intervals that go up to one second. Delay intervals are further configured via tap-tempo and beat-split tools for a truly multi-tap feel.

The signal is then routed back to the analogue path, where “Colour”, “Level” and “Feedback” controls can be adjusted to inject a layer of warmth and depth into the delay.

The pedal also houses a digital modulation section that produces additional effects such as a tape echo, a lush chorus and a flanger.

With this much going on under the hood, the pedal’s controls can be understandably complex. Here’s a brief rundown of its various knobs and switches:

  • Time: Sets length of main delay repeats
  • Feedback: Sets amount of delay repeats
  • Main D: Sets level of main delay voice
  • Second: Sets level of beat-split delay voice
  • Colour: Governs tonality of overall delay effect
  • Speed: Sets modulation rate
  • Depth: Shapes modulation character
  • Tail Switch: Engages trails function
  • Beat-Split Switch: Selects between 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4 interval presets
  • Input Pad Switch: Internal DIP switch that selects between high- and low-level input signals.

Retails at EUR249. More information at emmaelectronic.com.

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