Eon Research’s debut device, the Fos, is a unique high-gain overdrive/distortion

Driven by a vintage mini-tube.

Eon Research has announced its debut product, the Fos, a tube-driven high-gain overdrive with a unique design.

The pedal uses a vintage Russian miniature tube as the driving part of its fully analogue design. The nixie tube in the front of the device is just for show, but does evoke a certain style of analogue equipment.

Eon Research says the pedal has “extreme high-gain” on offer, with a “deep, fat sound”, which should be able to provide transparent yet full overdrive on its own, or push an amp over the edge. The unique enclosure is a sandwich of mirror-polished steel and beeswax-stained exotic wood. The shape of the pedal might not lend itself to finding a place on your board – this might be a unit more at home on top of your amp, as part of a studio.


The pedal, limited to 99 pieces, will be released on October 2019. More information at eon.audiocare.gr.