Five new varieties of Ernie Ball Slinky strings, half-gauges for Earthwood acoustic strings have arrived

New custom string gauges to suit all fingers.

Ernie Ball Slinkys

Image: Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball has added five new colourful varieties to the immensely popular Slinky guitar string line, along with half-gauge versions of its Earthwood acoustic strings.

The Hyper Slinkys, at $6.99 a packet, provide a light and fast feel with less tension in the top strings and are said to sit somewhere between the Super and Extra Slinky strings. Its gauges are .008, .011, .014, .024w, .032 and .042.

Magnum Slinkys on the other hand are for players who favour heavier sets, or tunings below E standard with enough tension. Available at $7.49 a set, its gauges include .012, .016, .022w, .032, .044 and .056.

Zippy Slinkys embrace the philosophy of ‘no pain, no pain’ and are the lightest strings offered by the brand by far. At $6.99 a pack, they’re said to feature the least amount of tension and are very easy to bend. Gauges are .007, .009, .013, .020w, .026 and .036.

Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 7-String Slinkys bring the formula of thick bottom strings and lighter ones on top to the seven-string format. At $8.99, you get string gauges .010, .013, .017, .030, .042, .052 and .062.

Finally, the new Hyper Slinky Bass strings go for $19.99 a set and offer moderate amounts of tension on the lower strings, becoming lighter on the higher strings for four-string basses. Gauges are .040, .060, .080 and .100.

In addition to the new Slinkys, the brand announced that its Earthwood bronze alloy strings now come in half-gauge sizes, for when you feel the need for your strings to be ever so slightly thicker or thinner. See the range below:

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